On March 29, 2013, “Leap over 1,000,000 for a New Journey” — the ceremony for the launch of Haval brand strategy and the delivery of the 1,000,000th Haval SUV took place in Beijing. On the scene, over 1,000 attendees, distributors and journalists witnessed Haval’s development and brilliant results over the decade. As GWM’s leaders unveiled Haval’s new logo with the owner of the 1,000,000th Haval SUV, the future strategy for Haval was launched.

  • In Jaunary, Great Wall Motors Establishes Technology R & D Center in Japan.
  • In February, Haval Extends Operations with Its Fifth Exclusive Store Opened in Australia.
  • In March, HAVAL Entering the Middle East and Launching in Oman.
  • In April, Haval H7 was launched in Beijing Auto Show.
  • In April, HAVAL - Leading the Future Trend Shining in Beijing Auto Show.
  • In April, Haval Grips its Enthusiasts in the Middle East by Launch of New Products in UAE.

  • In May, in the selection of “Best SUV in 2015″ organized by XCAR, Haval H9 was honored as the “Best SUV in 2015″.
  • In April, super deluxe Haval H8 was launched in China
  • In April, China’s first Coupe SUV–Haval H6 Coupe was launched in China.
  • In April, Haval showed up at Auto Shanghai 2015 with a complete lineup of 17 Haval SUVs, 5 powertrains and a new- energy chassis.
  • In April, Haval released the R/B strategy for the Chinese market.
  • In April, Haval’s opera-house-like booth was acclaimed and honored as the “Most Creative Booth” during Auto Shanghai 2015.
  • In June, Haval shows up at Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Int’l Auto Show.
  • In June, Haval launches flagship models as critical step in Russia.
  • In June, Haval launched in Chile first among South American countries.
  • In July, Haval launched in Ecuador.
  • In July, Haval's first exclusive store opens in Azerbaijan with new models launched.
  • In July, Haval's first exclusive store in Georgia opens with new models launched.
  • In August, H9-led Haval lineup appears at Auto Harbin.
  • In September, The 5th Science Technology Festival Opens.
  • In September, Haval launches three models in Bolivia.
  • In September, Haval appears at Expocruz 2015 to deepen South America operations.
  • In October, Haval landed on Australia as a new milestone in overseas market development.
  • In November, Haval Shows up at Baghdad International Exhibition.
  • In November, The Millionth Haval H6 Rolled off the Line, Haval Started A New Journey.
  • In November,  Haval Makes Debut at ASEAN Auto Show, H2 Earns High Praise.
  • In November, Great Wall Motors presented all Haval vehicles in Guangzhou Autoshow.
  • In December, Haval opens first store in Benin to extend business operations in Africa.

  • In January, “Haval Dakar Team” competed in the Dakar Rally for the fifth time, won the first stage and moved into the top 10 for the third consecutive year
  • In April, Haval showed up at Auto China 2014 with strongest SUV lineup.
  • In July, customizable SUV Haval H2 was launched in China.
  • In August, Haval held the foundation-laying ceremony of its Tula plant.
  • In August, Haval made its appearance at MIMS 2014.
  • In September, Haval defended championship of the 2014CGR.
  • In October, Haval H6 became the only SUV model with monthly sales of over 30,000 units in China.
  • In November, seven-seat all-terrain SUV–Haval H9 was launched in China, and Haval H1 was launched concurrently.
  • In December, Haval posted annual sales of 519,418 units, ranking 1st in the Chinese SUV market for the 12th consecutive year.

  • In January, Haval competed in the Dakar Rally for the fourth time as the only Chinese team and finished 6th brilliantly
  • In January, Haval H6 was crowned as the “CCTV SUV of 2012″
  • In March, Haval registered sales of over 1 million units to become a deserving SUV expert
  • In September, Haval Team led all the way and eventually claimed the car title and the team title, showing the super strength of the international team.
  • In November,Haval H6 won the 15th Gold Award for China Design Patent.
  • On December, Haval claimed the domestic SUV sales title for the 11th consecutive year.

  • In January, Haval H6 was honored as the “CCTV Independent SUV of 2011″
  • In April, Haval H6 was rated as a five-star model as the result of a C-NCAP collision test to become an industrial model
  • In September, Haval H3/H5 won the first prize for progress in science and technology in China’s auto industry
  • In October, Haval became the first SUV brand to land on Sansha Island and the Arctic, displaying its character
  • In December, Haval posted annual sales of 280,000 units, retaining the domestic SUV sales title for the 10th consecutive year

  • In August, the city intelligent SUV–Haval H6 was launched

  • In June, Haval H5 was launched as China’s first EU-certified independent SUV

  • In April, Haval H3 was launched and occupied the market swiftly with a prime displacement of 2.0L

  • Haval granted the “Integrated Innovation Award” at the “Ceremony for Achievements in Independent Innovation of Chinese Vehicles over the Five Decades”

  • GWM took the lead to develop electronically-controlled high-pressure common-rail diesel engines to change the traditional image of SUV as a “high fuel consumer” and popularize diesel SUVs.
  • Haval CUV were exported to Italy in batches, marking the first batch export of Chinese independent-branded vehicles to the EU

  • Haval CUV was launched to open a “Haval era” of over 100,000 yuan
  • In December, Haval was honored as the “CCTV Independent SUV of the Year”, showing its professional quality

  • Haval jumped as the domestic SUV sales champion

  • Safe SUV priced at 80,000 yuan was launched, setting off a SUV fever in China